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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

October 5, 2011

Grama Seva and Yajnam Updates and Programme by Students of SSSIHL

 Today was the penultimate day of Veda Purusha Sapthaha Gyana Yajna. The Poornahuti (concluding ritual) of the Sapthaha Gyana Yajna is to be conducted at 9:30am on October 6th, 2011. 

The programme for the evening consisted of two speeches, the first by a student of Anantapur Campus and the second by a faculty member of Anantapur Campus. The first speech was on the topic “The Divine Shakti”. The second was on the theme “The Love of God”. This was followed by a music programme by the students of Prasanthi Nilayam Campus which was accompanied by visuals of Bhagawan’s inauguration of various institutions in Prasanthi Nilayam. This was followed by visuals of the 2002 Dasara Celebrations in Prasanthi Nilayam and a recorded discourse by Bhagawan. 

On Thursday the 6th of October, the following area of Puttaparthi Mandal will be served as part of Grama Seva: Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir.


Media Coordinator
Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust
Prasanthi Nilayam

Jai Sai Ram!