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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

June 30, 2012

Gurupurnima Celebrations on 2nd July at Prashanti Nilayam  :

As part of Guru Purnima celebrations,a symposium on the Unity of Faiths  was conducted on 2nd July 2012.

n the morning session,while introducing the two speakers . Sri Srirangarajan, Controller of Examinations, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning averred that True spirituality meant that  the spirit in you is present in everyone and the Realisation of this is true religion.He interspersed  his talk with  relevant clips from Bhagawan’s Discourses Prof. Akhtarul Wasey,Head of the Department of Islamic studies,Jamia Milla Islamia New Delhi said that a true Muslim will respect all religions., The learned speaker said,“Whoever is born is born for doing service.” Giving the true meaning of Jihad, the speaker said, that Jihad does not mean holy war but a supreme struggle against evil desires and other evil tendencies.

H.H. Dayananda Saraswasti, the eminent exponent of Vedanta said that Sanathana Dharma, from which evolved Hinduism had no author.These are divine truths that were revealed to the ancient rishis.The basic tenet of Hinduism is that it is a way and view of life,a way which emphasises that you with the Atma within you is the whole being.The purpose of Hinduism is to make you realise it.

The afternoon session witnessed presentations from two other eminent speakers.Fr. Dominic Emmanuel,Director Delhi Catholic Archdiocese,said India stands for unity in diversity. Whoever tries to break the unity of India will not succeed. It always stands for unity in diversity for the rest of the world. He concluded his speech by saying, “Let the words of great men and women be mprinted in our hearts so that we translate them into service.”

Paying his homage to Bhagawan, Dr. Rajaram,Director Rangayana,a theater institution of the Government of Karnataka opined that Buddha came into the world as a human being to serve., He further said that we must avoid all evil,cultivate good qualities  and cleanse one’s mind. He concluded by saying that we should give to every human being our goodness, that is Maitri.

The proceedings of the evening session ended with another clip from Bhagawan’s Discourse on the said concept.

Media Coordinator
Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust
Prasanthi Nilayam

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Jai Sai Ram!