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VII. Master of Matter

Divine Sport - The Master Plays with Matter
The Geologist is Dumbstruck!

Dr. Y.J. Rao had this fascinating experience, which he narrated to Howard Murphet. The incident also illustrates the very profound truth that God is immanent in every object in the universe, animate or inanimate:

Dr. Y.J. Rao, Head of the Geology Department, Osmania University, Hyderabad, was the appropriate person to witness the transmutation of solid rock to another substance - with a valuable spiritual lesson thrown in for good measure.

One day at Puttaparthi Baba picked up a rough piece of broken granite and, handing it to Dr. Rao, asked him what it contained. The geologist mentioned a few of the minerals in the rock.

Baba: "I don't mean those - something deeper."

Dr. Rao: "Well, molecules, atoms, electrons, protons."

Baba: "No, no - deeper still!"

Dr. Rao: "I don't know, Swami."

Baba took the lump of granite from the geologist, and holding it up with his fingers, blew on it. It was never out of Dr. Rao's sight, yet when Baba gave it back to him its shape had completely changed!

Instead of being an irregular chunk it was a statue of Lord Krishna playing His flute! The geologist noted also a difference in colour and a slight change in the structure of the substance.

Baba: "You see? Beyond your molecules and atoms, God is in the rock. And God is sweetness and joy. Break off the foot and taste it."

Dr. Rao, found no difficulty in breaking off the "granite" foot of the little statue. Putting it in his mouth as directed, he found that it was sugar candy. The whole of the idol, created instantly out of the piece of granite, was now made of candy.

From this Dr. Rao learned, he said, something beyond words and far beyond modern science, in fact, beyond the limits of the rational mind of men today. He is a great enough scientist and man to realise that science gives but the first word: the last word is known only to the Spiritual Scientist.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 156 (Paperback Edition, 1972). Published by Macmillan India Ltd.

The Lord of Time and Matter
In this fascinating incident, Murphet demonstrates how Baba transcends time and matter:

One evening a party of us were sitting on the carpet in his suite; Ramanatha Reddy, the doctor, the young men, Iris (Mr. Murphet’s wife) and myself were there.

Swami asked me the year of my birth, and when I told him, He said that He would get for me from America a coin minted there in that same year.

He began to circle his down-turned hand in the air in front of us, making perhaps half a dozen small circles, saying, "It's coming now... coming... here it is!"

Then He closed His hand and held it before me, smiling as if enjoying my eager expectancy. When the coin dropped from His hand to mine, I noted first that it was heavy and golden.

On closer examination I found, to my delight, that it was a genuine milled American ten-dollar coin, with the year of my birth stamped beneath a profile head of the Statue of Liberty.

"Born the same year as you," Swami smiled.

What would the sceptics say about this, I wondered.

Would they suggest that Baba carried around with him a stock of coins so that He would have one to match my year of birth.

Such old American coins, now long out of circulation, would not be easy for Him to obtain in India through normal channels.

I have no doubt whatever that this was one of Baba's many genuine apports. While He circled his hand before us, some agency under his will had dematerialised this gold coin at some place somewhere, carried it at space-annihilating velocity, and re-materialised it in Sai Baba's hand.

From where did it come? Who knows? Baba would never say; perhaps from some old hoard, hidden, lost, forgotten long ago, and now belonging to no one alive.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 84 (Paperback Edition, 1972). Published by Macmillan India Ltd.

A Lost Treasure retrieved for a Privileged Few

This incident where Swami retrieved the legendary diamond that adorned the nose ring of the Goddess Kanyakumari and then sent it back is reported by Sri N. Kasturi:

It took place at Kanyakumari in 1958. At the time it happened Baba was sitting on the beach with a small group of devotees. One of the devotees had been reading a book about the pilgrim center there, and Baba asked him what the book said about the temple.

The devotee then told the story of a diamond that had once adorned the nose-stud of the temple goddess. It was such a magnificent diamond, the book said, that pirates could see it shining out at sea. So, one day they raided the temple and carried off the diamond. The writer of the book did not know its subsequent fate.

After hearing the story to its end, Baba said: 'do you want to see that diamond? I know exactly where it is now: I can bring it for you to see and send it back before its absence is noticed.'

All agreed eagerly that they would like to see the famous diamond. Whereupon Baba simply patted the sand in front of Him, and suddenly there was the glittering diamond! He held it up for everyone to see clearly, and then it simply vanished from His hand.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Invitation to Glory” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 60-61. Published by Macmillan India Ltd, 1982.

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