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VI. Power over Nature

The Lord of the Elements
Sathya called out and the wind and the clouds obeyed!

This incident happened when Baba was still a young lad, affectionately called as ‘Sathya’ by everyone. Baba’s mother, Easwaramma, recounts this episode for Prof. Kasturi, which he has recorded in “Easwaramma – The Chosen Mother”:

“Puttaparthi was Gokulam, for Sathya was there. The old name of the village had been Gollapalli, the Cowherd Hamlet. It is this name that must have drawn Krishna to be born again on earth. How else can I explain the strange things the boy did?" Easwaramma asked me and related a story of His early years.

“It was one evening during the North-East monsoon. The sky grew dark and menacing. Venkamma (Baba’s sister) was building a house then and there was a large kiln of wet bricks waiting to be baked. The logs of wood were readied but the fire could be lit only the next morning for the day was inauspicious. Now, there would be a downpour and all those bricks reduced to a huge misshapen mound of clay.

Something had to be done and quickly. Luckily there was a helpful neighbour. Cover the bricks with bundles of dry sugar cane leaves, he told Venkamma. Where were we to get that?

He suggested a friend of his living on the eastern bank of the Chitravathi who could be persuaded to give these leaves. A long line of men, women and children ran over the sands in desperate hurry. Swami too joined, the last in the line of volunteers.

But when He got to the middle of the riverbed He suddenly called out for everyone to stop.

‘Venkamma!’ He said. ‘Vaana raadu!’ (The rains will not come).

And - the clouds scattered, the day brightened, the threat was over! A few quiet words, a small palm silhouetted against the dark sky for a moment and up above in far space, the wind; the clouds and the rain obeyed! Everyone turned back home with no bundle of leaves, for they had the young Lord of the Elements in their midst.”

Easwaramma concluded her story triumphantly and turned to watch my face with eager expectancy. I did not disappoint her. "This Krishna has saved this Gokula by lifting a single finger!" I said.

Reference: "Easwaramma – The Chosen Mother” by Prof. N Kasturi. Page: 33-34. Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam, 1984.

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